additional information

For our boats you don't need a license

You need a boating license for boats larger than 15 meters and/or capable of going faster than 20 km per hour. This does not apply to our boats. However, we do recommend booking 1 - 2 hours of boating instruction with certain boats. This advice is not mandatory!


When is a life jacket mandatory on board?

If you sail on a (pleasure) yacht or boat at low speed (not faster than 20 Km/h), a life jacket is not mandatory. The boats of Friesland-Boating do not go faster than 12 Km/h. In case something does go wrong, it is advisable to have one for everyone on board. 

All our rental boats are slower than 20 km per hour, so it is your own choice to take a life jacket or life jacket on board. For only 5 euros each you can reserve them with us. For children, we recommend taking a life jacket, especially if they do not have swimming diplomas.


On some boats it is allowed to bring your pet. You pay a surcharge of €60.00 per pet for this. This is indicated by an icon on the page of the boats.


You can use the free parking spaces at our harbor. These parking spaces are in the immediate vicinity of the reception, they are not guarded.