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rent a motorhome without experience in friesland

Friesland Boating has the perfect RV offer for drivers with a B license!

do you want to rent a motorhome without experience in friesland?

At Friesland Boating , anyone can rent a motorhome, even without a big driving license! Of course, you do need a car driving license (B license)!

But what if you have no experience?
Don't worry, we understand that you may not have experience driving a campervan. But that doesn't mean you can't have an adventure!

It's true that driving an RV is a little different than cruising in a regular car. So let's make sure you're comfortable and confident behind the wheel before you hit the road.

Imagine this: there you are, with the motorhome of your dreams. The only difference? This four-wheeler is bigger and heavier than the regular cars you're used to. That means you'll need some extra space when making turns, parking and finding your way in traffic.

Don't panic! We want you to enjoy your RV adventure to the fullest. So, before you hit busier roads, we recommend you take your time getting used to the motorhome. Where better to do this than in Friesland, with its quiet roads and restful landscapes?

Take time to get used to the size, weight and unique features of the motorhome. Feel like a true captain on the open road as you build confidence in your driving skills. And before you know it, you'll be ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

So, what are you waiting for? Friesland awaits you with its quiet roads and a world full of possibilities. Are you ready to embrace the freedom of RV life without experience?

no major driver's license required

All of our motorhomes are under 3500 pounds. This means that you can go on a motorhome vacation without a large driver's license. 

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Motorhome rental without a large driver's license

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