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at motorhome vacations friesland you can rent a motorhome without a big drivers license!

would you like to rent a motorhome without a big driving license in friesland?

Then you have come to the right place! Camper Holidays Friesland has the ideal offer for a camper vacation without a large driving license! All our motorhomes are under 3500 kilos. That means you can go on a motorhome vacation without a big drivers license. 

Renting an RV without a large driver's license offers many advantages. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Accessibility: Renting an RV that can be driven with a standard car license makes it easier and more accessible for more people to enjoy the RV vacation experience. You don't need any additional training or special license to drive the RV.
  2. Cost savings: Motorhomes without a large driver's license are generally smaller and lighter. This means they are more fuel-efficient, which can result in lower fuel costs. In addition, the rental rates of smaller motorhomes are lower than those of larger motorhomes.
  3. Maneuverability: Smaller RVs tend to be more maneuverable and easier to drive than larger RVs. This is especially useful when driving on narrow roads, in urban areas and in campgrounds with limited space. You will have fewer restrictions when exploring different locations and attractions.
  4. Parking options: A smaller-sized RV offers more flexibility in finding parking spaces. You have more options, including regular parking lots and limited-space parking lots. This facilitates parking in urban areas and popular tourist destinations.
  5. Trip planning: Driving an RV without a large driver's license allows you more flexibility in planning your itineraries. You are not limited to specific roads or routes suitable for larger vehicles. This opens the door to exploring remote areas, scenic routes and winding roads that may not be accessible to larger RVs.

Something for everyone!

Can you imagine it? Waking up every morning with a new adventure ahead. Following unknown paths with curiosity as your compass. Tasting flavors of foreign cuisines, discovering picturesque villages and towns you have never seen before! That's vacation at its best!

no big driver's license and experience required!

Anyone can rent a motorhome from Friesland Boating without a major driving license! What about experience?

You obviously have experience of driving a car. Therefore, you may also take the camper without experience.

Be aware that driving an RV is different from driving a regular car. Therefore, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself quietly with the motorhome.

The biggest difference, of course, is size and weight: Motorhomes are generally larger and heavier than regular cars. This means you need more room when cornering, parking and maneuvering in traffic.

It is important to become familiar with driving an RV. Practice driving the RV on quiet roads and build confidence before moving onto busier roads. Take time to get used to the size, weight and specifics of the motorhome before embarking on your adventure. Let Friesland be just the perfect place for that! Quiet roads and little traffic is what Friesland is known for.

Read more about driving without RV experience here.

Motorhome rental without experience
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Safe and worry-free travel!

It's nice to start a vacation carefree. We provide a comprehensive instruction with the motorhome before you leave! That way you don't have to figure everything out yourself and you can confidently set off for new adventures!

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